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Over 7 million people live in Hong Kong, making some districts among the world’s most densely populated areas. Yet more than 70% of Hong Kong’s total areas are rural, including about 40% designated as protected country parks. This means Hong Kong has one of the world’s highest ratios of conserved parkland. Almost 95% of the population is Chinese. Chinese and English are the official languages. Cantonese is the most widely spoken Chinese dialect, though the use of Putonghua (Mandarin) is growing. All major signage is in English or is bilingual. Most people in the service industry speak English.
Cost of Living in Hong Kong:
Hong Kong is considered one of the most expensive cities in the world. In that view, it is also useful to have an idea of the cost of living while you complete your studies at the HKBU School of Business. The normal ranges of study-related expenses are as follows:
Item: Amount (HK$): Amount (US$):
Tuition fee for HKBU taught postgraduate business programmes (for non-local students) HK$189,000 – HK$342,000 US$24,250 – US$43,860
Accommodation for 10 months HK$50,000 – HK$140,000 US$6,410 – US$18,000
Personal Expenses (including meals, transportation, entertainment and miscellaneous) for 10 months Approx. HK$50,000 Approx. US$6,410
Furthermore, here are a few examples of what you can expect to pay for certain items or services:
Item: Amount (HK$): Amount (US$):
A McDonald’s Value Meal HK$28 – HK$54 US$3.6 – US$7
A can of coke, from the convenience store (e.g. 7-11 or OK) HK$8 US$1
A set meal (with main dish, rice and drink) at an average local café (known as Cha Chaan Teng) HK$50 – HK$80 US$6.5 – US$10.5
A Starbucks medium size Cappuccino HK$43 US$5.5
A movie ticket (without 3D effect) HK$95 – HK$270 US$12.5 – US$35
An MTR trip from Central to Causeway Bay by using an Octopus Card HK$6 US$0.8
Crossing the harbour from Central to Tsim Sha Tsui by ferry (Star Ferry) HK$4 – HK$6.5 US$0.5 – US$0.8
We understand that for international students, one of the biggest concerns over moving to Hong Kong and starting the postgraduate degree was about the living cost. Although everyone’s personal financial situation is different, one of our graduates, Kali from the USA, has written a blog article to help everyone make the decision by outlining average monthly cost in Hong Kong. Another graduate, Michael from Poland, also shared with us on the ways to save money while living in Hong Kong.